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Every month, my readers and I meet in The Circle Ballroom on Zoom, where we chat, play games, drink tea, and—yes!—sometimes we really do dance (Jane Austen style; no grace or experience necessary 🙂  ). 

Or, try your hand at baking a historical recipe. I love to post recipes for delectable dainties like strawberry scones, lemon biscuits, or tender shortbread, and we taste them together during our balls.

I delight in surprising my guests with scavenger hunts, historical sewing series, surprise guests, and more.

Not feeling social? You can still have fun with my newsletter, The Further Adventures. My characters often insist that their stories aren’t over, even after I write “The End.” I include these stories in The Further Adventures, and Circle members get to vote on which of their favorite characters they’d like to read about next.

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