Miss Grantham's One True Sin

Book II of my Regency Matchmaker Seriesis

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The Regency Matchmaker Series
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True Sin or True Love?

Logical Miss Marianna Grantham’s parents are coming to London to meet the wealthy, titled fiance she’s been writing to them about. Trouble is, he doesn’t exist.  She wants to marry for love, not social position as her parents insist, so a sham engagement to a gentleman–arranged by none other than the outrageous London hostess Ophelia Palin!–is just the thing.

But Marianna learns too late that Truesdale Sinclair, The Viscount Trowbridge, is no gentleman. Instead, True Sin, as he’s known to the ton–is the latest in a long line of rakes and scoundrels, swooned over by ladies young and old.

A pale, starched-up bluestocking isn’t at all the sort of woman the viscount is attracted to, but the money Marianna Grantham offers him is irresistible. With his shipping company on the brink of ruin and three little girls–his late brother’s daughters–to look after, True is more than eager to accept the bluestocking’s unusual proposal. But, while True doesn’t want her, he determines from the outset that he isn’t going to let her go, either.

Four Star Rating

“Well written, engaging, entertaining, and True Sin was to die for! I look forward to the next book!”

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“Compelling.  A page turner featuring a quirky, kind-hearted cast sure to capture the reader’s fancy.”

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