I Need Your Help, Fierce Fans!

Get Ready!  A few lucky readers will receive a ton of FREE books.  Read on for all the juicy details…

A Street team is a friendly group of super-fans who join forces to help an author out.  In this case, my street team help me, but they also have lots of fun!  I surprise my team with:

  • Online tea parties (sometimes in costume!)
  • Live readings of Regency fan-favorites (in pajamas, with hot cocoa, of course!)
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Charades and other Regency-era party games
  • Trivia contests
  • Prizes perfect for history buffs, like antique candlesticks, quills, Regency-style jewelry, and much more
  • Whatever other whimsical surprises I can think up!

You’ll have a private online meeting place where I hang out with my team, plus, all street team members receive advanced reading copies of ALL of my current titles AND all of my future releases!

To join my street team, just email me a URL that shows a single online review you’ve already written about any historical romance.  (It doesn’t have to be mine.)  That’s it!  I’ll be in touch…

There are currently   200   spots left.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone.  When that happens, I’ll be happy to put you on a waiting list, but street team turnover is typically very slow, so don’t delay.  Become a member of my street team right right now.

I can’t wait to welcome you to the team!

Heading Images?

I’m trying to solve a problem, and if you’re a reader, you can help.

When you open my ebooks on your device, is the heading image centered, or is it off-center?  The heading image looks like this:

I think it’s appearing centered on some devices and off-center on others, like this:

What does it look like on your device?  Feel free to comment below or write me.