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Up to Scratch, May, 2021

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6, plus a second boxed set

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  • The Regency Matchmaker Series
          I      The Blue Devil  (If you’re new to my books, start here, and it’s free on Amazon Kindle right now!)
         II      Miss Grantham’s One True Sin  (This book is available for free to my newsletter subscribers – details below)
        III      Lord Logic and the Wedding Wish
        IV      The Blackguard’s Bride
         V       Up to Scratch  (Coming May, 2021)
        VI       A Thief’s Honor  (Coming July, 2021)
       VII      C is for Claptrap  (Coming September, 2021)
      VIII     A Bird in his Hand (Coming January, 2022)

                 Boxed Sets:
                      Regency Matchmaker Series I – IV
                      Regency Matchmaker Series V – VIII  (Coming April, 2022)

    The Regency Immortals Series
         I     Not Quite a Lady  (Coming March, 2022)
         II    Not Quite a Gentleman  (Coming May, 2022)
        III    His to Command (Coming July, 2022)

    The Regency Christmas Tales Series
           I     Once Upon a Christmas
          II     Merry and Bright  (Coming November, 2021)


    I started out as a traditionally published author with a big New York publishing house and then went independent (for many reasons I talk about in a blog post, though the most compelling is that my readers now pay much less for my books, while I get paid much more!).  I’ve grown as an author, and the latest editions of my early books now contain extensive revisions (Just take a gander at the older reviews of The Blue Devil on Amazon vs the more recent ones—ahem!).  So, please do purchase the indie versions instead of the old print copies that are still floating around out there.  You’ll be getting my best work.

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The Regency Matchmaker Series


Melynda Beth Andrews

Featuring an outrageous old London socialite who knows everyone’s business better than they do, the Regency Matchmaker Series delivers humor, drama, and warmth, all rolled up in traditional Regency comedies-of-manners. Dashing men, clever women, masquerades, mistaken identities, dotty (or are they?) old ladies, and a cast of delightful recurring characters keep the pages turning.

It's Regency romance at its best.

The Regency Matchmaker Series Book II

The Blue Devil


Get this book for FREE on Amazon right now, for a limited time.

  • Reviews

    4 Star Rating
    “An excellent debut novel! Four Stars!”
    —Melinda Helfer, RT Book Club

    5 Star Rating
    “This book is excellent! I am stunned to learn it was a debut novel! She already has an avid fan in myself! Well written with a delicious touch of mystery!”
    —Huntress Reviews

    3 Star Rating
    “An interesting debut. An author to watch!”
    — The Romance Reader

    5 Star Rating
    “Fun . . . laugh out loud.”
    —English Rose Clean Romance Reviews


  • Synopsis

    Hiding in Plain Sight…

    The Blue Devil is a dashing, brooding spy set to catch a traitor who uses a finishing school for young ladies as a base of operations. But he’s having trouble keeping his mind on his mission, for one of the students reminds him too much of the mysterious Titania, a fairy queen who fled after they kissed at a glittering masquerade ball.

    Kathryn St. David is pretending to be a student at the school in order to recover her dear auntie’s lost diary, which contains a scandalous secret that could ruin them both. But she’s horrified to discover that her roommate is the ward of the notorious, darkly attractive Marquis of Blackshire—who seems to be keeping secrets of his own. Will he recognize her as the fairy queen and expose her as the lady who kissed him like a strumpet in the moonlight?

  • Awards

    Nominated for a Golden Heart award from the Romance Writers of America.



The Regency Matchmaker Series Book II

Miss Grantham's One True Sin

Get this book for FREE right here, right now, for a limited time.

  • Reviews

4 Star Rating
“A story to read by the fire on a cold winter’s day, featuring a quirky, kind-hearted cast of characters.  A page turner!”
—Teresa Roebuck, RT Book Club

5 Star Rating
“Great read! Very well written, engaging, entertaining, and True Sin was to die for! I look forward to the next one!”
—Award winning author Laurin Wittig

5 Star Rating
“I truly enjoyed this book.  A delightful read.”
— English Rose Clean Romance Reviews

  • Synopsis

    True Sin or True Love?

    Logical Miss Marianna Grantham’s oh-so-proper parents are coming to London to meet the wealthy, titled fiance she’s been writing to them about. Trouble is, Marianna doesn’t have a fiance. She wants to marry for love, not social position as her parents insist, and a sham engagement to a gentleman—arranged by none other than the outrageous London hostess Ophelia Palin!—is just the thing.

    But Marianna learns too late that Truesdale Sinclair, The Viscount Trowbridge, is no gentleman. Instead, True Sin, as he’s known to the ton—is the latest in a long line of rakes and scoundrels, swooned over by ladies young and old, married and not.

    A pale, starched-up bluestocking isn’t at all the sort of woman the viscount is attracted to, but the money Marianna Grantham offers him is irresistible. With his shipping company on the brink of ruin and three little girls—his late brother’s daughters—to look after, True is more than eager to accept the bluestocking’s unusual proposal. But, while True doesn’t want her, he determines from the outset that he isn’t going to let her go, either.


Lord Logic and the Wedding Wish Front Cover

The Regency Matchmaker Series Book III

Lord Logic and the Wedding Wish

  • Reviews

    Four-and-a-half Star Rating
    “Lord Logic and the Wedding Wish, by the very talented Melynda Beth Andrews, is delightfully amusing, as these two headstrong and independent young people seem destined to be wed—if they don’t kill each other first! Four and a half stars. Fantastic—A Keeper!”
    —Teresa Roebuck, RT Book Club

    5 Star Rating
    “From the magical beginning all the way to its perfect and masterfully thought-out conclusion, this story sparkles with laugh-out-loud humor and touching emotion that combines magically with warm and tender characters who are so real you feel like you know them.”
    — Diana Tidlund, Writers Unlimited

    Four-and-a-half Star Rating
    “Ms. Andrews deftly blends a cast of interesting characters and a spritely plot into a warm, winsome confection.”
    —Mellanie Crowther, Romance Reviews

    5 Star Rating
    “A wonderful, sweet love story. You have got to read this. Every page is packed full of romance and fun. I can’t wait to read another!”

  • Synopsis

    Oil and Water…

    Born on the same day, best friends and fiercest rivals Orion Chase and Artemis Rose are separated when they’re eight. When they come together once more as adults, nothing has changed. Still best friends, still oil and water.

    When Artemis arrives on foot at his country estate, the ultra-logical, ultra-fashionable Orion Chase, the Earl of Lindenshire, is happy to welcome her—at first. Rejected by her father’s family, Artemis, the granddaughter of an Earl, has been living as a Gypsy for the past 16 years and lives her life guided by signs and portents. But Artemis’s outlandish Gypsy ways can’t bother Orion, who hides his scientific bent with a facade of fashionability. After all, Artemis won’t be around long–or will she?

    Orion’s not happy when his mother hires Artemis as her companion. And he’s even less happy when the ton mistakes Artemis for his mistress. A sham betrothal to save both of their reputations is in order—but it turns out that Orion is the only one who believes the wedding won’t happen!

  • Awards

    Nominated for a Reviewers’ Choice Best Regency of the Year Award


Front cover of The Blackguard's Bride

The Regency Matchmaker Series Book IV

The Blackguard's Bride


4 Star Rating
“A charming, tender, and poignant tale that gives readers
the added pleasure of revisiting characters from her other great stories.
Four stars—a page turner!”
— Teresa Roebuck, RT Book Club

Four-and-a-half Star Rating
“This book is sure to cause controversy in the Regency reader community.
The resolution will leave the reader awestruck. Well written and enjoyable, the story has a great many unexpected twists.”
— Leanne Davis, Rakehell.com

5 Star Rating
“A rare treat…I felt completely entertained.  A regency romance with a completely different twist…extremely amusing…so much humor.”
—Dorine Linnen, Romance Junkies

  • Synopsis

    A choice between redemption and love…

    In secret, Julie Fitz marries to protect her herself and her fortune from her unscrupulous uncle. After exchanging Gretna vows with a blackguard in order to avoid her uncle’s even less savory plans for her, Julie returns to the pleasant life she’s built for herself as companion to lovable old Lady Griselda.

    But then the unpredictable spinster takes in a man who can’t remember anything including the accident that claimed his memory. The clues suggest that “Christopher,” as he names himself, is most likely a gentleman, so why hasn’t his disappearence been reported in the newspapers? Surely, someone as dear, as intelligent, and as handsome as he would be missed!

    Certain people know very well who “Christopher” really is, but they aren’t telling. And Julie is too distracted with other matters to harbor suspicions.

    She must stop Lady Griselda from using a ridiculous Gypsy charm to decide who she should wed. The old dear has invited a dozen of her most ardent admirers for a house party, and Julie has her hands full trying to steer Lady Griselda in the right direction during the house party, while managing an entire houseful of aging servants at the same time.

    Chris admires Julie’s kindness, compassion, and capability, and as he recovers, he helps her as best he can. He’s falling in love. Yet he knows he must discover who he really is before he can pursue her. Especially since he begins to suspect that he’s not worthy of anyone’s heart or hand—especially Julie’s.


New Cover Coming Soon

The Regency Matchmaker Series Book V

Up to Scratch

Coming May, 2021

  • Reviews

4 Star Rating
“Sweet…Melynda Beth Andrews treats readers.  A page turner!”
— Teresa Roebuck, RT Book Club

  • Synopsis

    Unconventional and free-spirited, Miss Emmaline Rose lives a life to match.  She owns and lives in the large glasshouse on the estate of Yarrowdale Hall, and she earns her living selling orange blossoms to English brides.  Yet she has her heart set on even more exotic adventures.

    Maximillian Yar has no permanent home.  A traveler for as long as he can remember, he wants to continue his own adventures, but just now, he’s low on funds.  Selling Yarrowdale Hall is the obvious solution–but then he meets the force of nature that is Emmaline Rose.  Who will buy the estate when a dragon is living in the glasshouse just steps from the back door?

    When the new master of Yarrowdale Hall asks her to sell, Emmaline is sure her ship has finally come in and agrees enthusiastically.  Adventure is finally just around the corner.

    Max is delighted Miss Rose is being so cooperative about selling her glasshouse—until he realizes that selling is the last thing he wants her to do.

    The Matchmaker has her work cut out for her, but fortunately she’s getting some help this time from her best friend (and fiercest rival!), Agnes Marchman, Emmaline’s old school mistress—as well as from Max and Emmaline’s feline companions.  Somehow, they must convince Max and Emmaline that independence and the adventures of the open road aren’t nearly as exciting as the adventures they can find together, right at their doorstep.


New Cover Coming Soon

The Regency Matchmaker Series Book VI

A Thief's Honor

Coming July, 2021

  •  Synopsis

    Industrious innkeeper Miss Leah Grey secretly returns the baubles her eccentric Uncle John pilfers from their unwary guests—until the old dear picks the wrong pocket and lands them both in deep trouble.  When Uncle steals an enormous loose sapphire from a regular customer, Jack Morgan, Leah suddenly realizes that the even-tempered, quiet workingman she thought she knew is much more than he seems.

    Posthumous Jones, AKA “Mr. Morgan,” is actually an expert thief on his way to steal the most precious—and last—prize of his career, the enormous Instep Sapphire.  But now, Miss Grey has seen the paste replica of the sapphire he intends to use as a decoy during the heist.  As soon as the theft hits the newspapers, she’ll know exactly who stole it the gem.  The only way to be sure Miss Grey will hold her tongue is to make her his accomplice, but Posthumous knows she won’t do it willingly, so he has to think fast.

    On a whim, he claims he is actually a rich merchant on his way to a grand house party.  His cook has run away with his valet, he tells Leah, and he agrees not to call the magistrate on her dear old Uncle John—but only if Leah will serve as his cook for the duration of the house party.  To keep her uncle out of trouble, Miss Grey agrees to help him, but she insists that her Uncle John travel with them.

    For his part, Uncle John—who has his own secret past—is delighted, for there are much more interesting things to pilfer at a grand house party than at a roadside inn.  And much more interesting prospects for his dear little niece to boot!  The poor girl has been slaving away at her parents’ inn ever since they were killed by a gang of  thieving ruffians.  Uncle John knows that “Mr. Morgan” is not who he seems.  He’s also seen the way Jones gazes after Leah when she’s not looking.  But he also knows the tortured man has one more prize to claim before he feels free to settle down.

    John resolves to maneuver the pair into spending as much time together as he can, and things are proceeding splendidly.  Away from the demands of the inn, Leah seems to be noticing how charming Jones is at long last.  Trouble is, John’s gentle, hardworking niece understandably hates thieves.  What will she do when she finds out that her “Mr. Morgan” is actually none other than the great Posthumous Jones, the most accomplished thief who ever lived?  John decides the cap to his own long career will be to be certain that the greatest prize Jones will ever steal is  not the Instep Sapphire, but Leah Grey’s heart.


New Cover Coming Soon

The Regency Matchmaker Series Book VII

C is for Claptrap

Coming September, 2021

  • Synopsis

    A Handsome, Powerful, rich—yet Adamantly Reclusive—Nobleman

    Malachi Townsend, the Duke of Auerplays, has one important daily goal: to need no one—something that’s bloody difficult to do when one cannot read, dance, tie a knot, tell time, or find one’s way on a map.

    Both his father and grandfather were similarly afflicted. His father said they were all lunatics and kept himself and his son out of the public eye.  Malachi’s was a lonely childhood, and he has no intention of perpetuating the cycle.  He will sire no offspring, and the estate and title will eventually pass to his younger brother, who was born un-afflicted.

    The trouble is, Malachi isn’t exactly a monk, and living out his bachelorhood in his castle in the wilds of Devonshire is the only way to be certain he won’t be tempted by the feminine set.  The isolation has the added benefit of not parading his weakness before the upper ten thousand.  His family still moves amongst the blasted ton, and Malachi doesn’t want to embarrass them.  He is content. 

    But then his mother and her friend Mrs. Ophelia Robertson show up in Devonshire waving a book that’s apparently been written about him and lays bare his mental defects. The blasted book has every tongue in London wagging.  Is the duke truly mad, like his father?  Or worse?  Is his fortune safe? 

    Shopkeepers are asking his family to settle their bills, and every town pug is whispering behind her fan.  His mother, brother, and sister are suffering, and there are rumors that the Crown may be considering reabsorbing the ducal title, which would mean ruination for his family.  The only way out, Mrs. Robertson insists, is to appear in London and prove he’s not a lunatic.  Attend a few balls, the opera, a salon or two.  Read the book—and laugh at it!—in public.  Show Society that he is perfectly normal.  And after he does, he can retreat back into the country for good. 

    Trouble is, Malachi isn’t perfectly normal.  How is he to prove to the ton that he’s not a lunatic, when he can’t dance, tell time, or read?  When he gets lost after turning one corner?

    He can’t do it alone, says Mrs. Robertson.  It’s going to take a very special tutor, and she knows just the right person.  Malachi has his doubts, but since there’s no other choice, he’s willing to give the plan a try—until he discovers that the tutor Mrs. Robertson has in mind is an unfortunately lovely, alarmingly clever young lady with fetching blue eyes and golden brown curls…

    A Plain and Destitute Spinster Who is, Nevertheless, the Very Beating Heart of Every Party

    Taking care of her parents’ large brood after their death was her honor, of course, but it did come at a price. With her younger siblings finally grown and settled, it’s time for Anne Baker to do what spinsters inevitably do: withdraw from society and retire quietly to the country.  However, Anne has accepted spinsterhood as a medal of honor.  She tells herself that she’s content, and she’s determined to make her impending exit from society with her usual cheer.  It is not as though Society will grind to a halt without her.

    Fortunately, someone else knows Anne better than she knows herself.

    Mrs. Ophelia Robertson, an old friend of Anne’s mother, knows that Anne is not as happy about her circumstances as she appears.  Ophelia also happens to know that a chance meeting whilst rambling along a Devonshire cliffside left a young Anne pining over a certain young man.  Anne didn’t even know the boy’s name, but for years the besotted gel carefully, lovingly kept a very private journal of her wild imaginings about him—or at least it was private until someone read the thing, stole it, and then published it without Anne’s knowledge.

    Suddenly, everyone in London is talking about The Wild Fae Lord is, for everyone in London knows the identity of Anne’s hero, even if Anne herself does not, and they’re all clamoring to know the identity of the book’s anonymous author.  The young woman’s scandalous adventures with the mysterious duke has every tongue wagging.  Fortunately, when it comes to the London ton, Ophelia knows everyone’s business better than they do themselves.

    When she gently suggests that Anne flee London until the furor dies down—and provides immediate employment as a temporary tutor—Anne is only too happy to accept. But she soon finds that instead of the child she’d expected to teach, she is actually playing tutor to none other than her “Wild Fae Lord” himself.  The boy she met and fell instantly in love with when she was but a silly, stupidly romantic young girl.

    With no way of escaping back to London, Anne is forced to hope that the Duke is possessed of a poor memory.  She has nothing to worry about, she reasons. For the last time he saw her, Anne was a gangly, 11-year-old with knotted hair.  There’s no way a rich, handsome, ridiculously attractive duke-ling spared any thoughts about her.  He isn’t going to remember her.  She has nothing to worry about.  Her secret is safe.

    Or is it?

    Once again, Mrs. Ophelia Robertson, the Regency Matchmaker, is back. It’s easy for her to bring these two very different people together, but getting them together long enough to see they’re a perfect fit is tricky.


New Cover Coming Soon

The Regency Matchmaker Series Book VIII

A Bird in his Hand

Coming January, 2022


The Regency Matchmaker Series, Books I - IV, Box Set

The Regency Matchmaker Series Box Set #1 — Books I - IV

  • About This Collection

    This set contains the entire text of each of the first four books of The Regency Matchmaker Series, by Melynda Beth Andrews.  This will be an ongoing series, with new titles added regularly.

    The Blue Devil

    Miss Grantham’s One True Sin

    Lord Logic and the Wedding Wish

    The Blackguard’s Bride


New Cover Coming Soon

The Regency Matchmaker Series Box Set #2 — Books VI - VIII

Coming April, 2022


The Regency Immortals Series

Melynda brings you a thrilling new series where the immortal Fae of the small but powerful Fifth Tribe live as members of London’s glittering ton—and definitely do not exist small and unnoticed.  They live easy, sensual, carefree lives, yet they can feel the ancient Dark Forces gathering, and some fear the Five Tribes may be, once again, on the brink of war.

Not all are who they seem...

New Cover Coming Soon

The Regency Immortals Series Book I

Not Quite a Lady

Coming March, 2022

 Book One of the Regency Immortals Series

  • Synopsis

    William St. John, the mischievous Earl of Meeham, intends to spend an entire delicious month hiding away and creating havoc at Highmere Park, his best friend’s country estate, by posing as the new butler while Pink is away, but Pink’s dratted, competent, and all-too-lovely housekeeper has other ideas. 

    Miss Elizabeth Hendrix has no intention of allowing an inexperienced butler to ruin the place.  Highmere is her pride and joy.  It’s more than that, really.  The further away she strays from the grand estate, the more ill she feels.  She knows that’s rather odd, but she accepts it as part of her makeup, especially since every other part of her is as strong and reliable as the truest arrow. 

    Her mother was Highmere’s housekeeper, her father the old butler (now retired) and for the past three years, Elizabeth has run the place singlehandedly and with expert pride.  There’s a place for everything at Highmere Park, and everything is in its place—except for the dratted new butler, who seems bent upon turning her perfect world upside down.

    As the days pass, Will comes to regret the mischief he’s caused.  The pretty housekeeper really does love the place.  But then Will recalls a visit to Highmere when he was but a boy and a girl he’s espied swimming naked but un-shivering in the cold lake, and he begins to suspect that Miss Hendrix is connected to the estate in a way not even she understands.


New Cover Coming Soon

The Regency Immortals Series Book II

Not Quite a Gentleman

Coming May, 2022

Book Two of the Regency Immortals Series
  • Synopsis

    Samuel “Pink” Peplim is a “pink o’ the ton,” a dandy, a fop, a peacock.  Someone who lives for fashion and parties and gossip.  But not always …

    Out in the wilds of Cornwall, the mincing “Pink” Peplim turns into Jago “Jag” Lanyon, manly man!  As the dashing Jag Lanyon, Pink robs from the rich and gives to the poor.  He’s a local hero.  And he’s good at it.  In fact, the persona feels so natural to him that, as the book opens, he’s not really sure who he is anymore, Jag or Pink.

    Enter our heroine, Rosie Greypool, who helps Pink figure himself out.

    Clever and resourceful, Rosie has lived by her wits for as long as she can remember, and she’s tired of it.  Left an orphan as a young girl, she had no choice but to become a thief and keep moving to avoid being caught.  On the day our story opens, her luck runs out.  She picks the wrong pocket and is almost caught, but at the last second, she’s saved by  a Legend, none other than the famous Jag Lanyon.

    Jag puts her on his horse and sends it galloping off to his remote, farmhouse hideout whilst he deals with her pursuers.  Once there, Rosie realizes she can steal Lanyon blind—but then she discovers evidence of Jag’s alter ego and realizes that Jag has something much more valuable to her than a few trinkets.  As “Pink Peplim,” he can help her become the lady she was born to be.  If he chooses to. 

    And if he does not, there’s always blackmail…


New Cover Coming Soon

The Regency Immortals Series Book III

His to Command

Coming July, 2022


The Regency Christmas Tale Series

The holidays can be so hectic. It’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a good read. Here are stories to warm your heart. Sometimes sentimental, often merry, always delightful. This Christmas season, curl up with a cup of cocoa and one of Melynda’s Regency Christmas Tales for a laugh, a cry, and a happy sigh.

Warm, Intelligent, and Fun Holiday Novellas

Once Upon a Christmas by Melynda Beth Andrews, front cover

The Regency Christmas Tales Series Book I

Once Upon a Christmas

  • Reviews

Four-and-a-half Star Rating
“Fun and delightful…Melynda Beth Andrews’ Once Upon a Christmas turns a chaotic house party into a warm romance. A keeper!”
— Robin Taylor, RT Book Club

“Delightful stuff.”
— Elizabeth Bennefeld, Patchwork Prose

  • Synopsis

    One cultivates scandal, while the other avoids it …

    When Miss Emily Winthrop, impulsive heiress and aspiring spinster, flees London and the glittering Society engagement her parents have planned for her, she is soon hungry and penniless. But when the servants at Stendmore Park take pity on her, she suddenly finds herself pressed into service as a makeshift governess. A scandalous masquerade under an assumed name and gainful employment are just the thing to assure that no tonnish man will ever want to wed her. 

    The notorious rakehell David Winter is up to his cravat in trouble. After his elder brother’s death, he’s returned to the family’s ancestral estate as the new Viscount, but everything is in a shambles. No staff, no supplies, and no money. For the sake of his two young daughters, he needs a hefty loan. And for that, he must convince Society that he had become responsible, predictable, and respectable. A formal house party is just the thing to show them all that he has reformed–if he can avoid the kissing boughs and his children’s maddeningly attractive temporary governess.  

    Unfortunately, the adorable baby elephant Emily liberated from the cruelty of a traveling menagerie two nights ago is about to complicate matters for both of them. If Emily can’t keep the playful, syllabub-slurping, flower-waving menace hidden, the Viscount will sack her, and she’ll be forced to return to London–and Lord Winter’s guests will have absolute proof that he hasn’t changed one bit.


New Cover Coming Soon

The Regency Christmas Tales Series Book II

Merry and Bright

Coming November, 2021