Portrait of Melynda

The Stuffy, Third-Person Version of Melynda's Biography

Melynda Beth Andrews’ first novel was a finalist for a Golden Heart Award from the Romance Writers of America.  Her work has also been nominated for a National Reviewers’ Choice Award.

She is the author of The Regency Matchmaker Series, which propelled her to #1 on the Top 100 Regency Romance Bestsellers list on Amazon and remained on Amazon’s Bestsellers lists for 24 consecutive months. 

Andrews grew up in rural Florida “running happily dirty and barefoot through the wild” and now lives with her husband and children in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.   

In addition to writing, she is also the founder of Deep Urban Fine Art, and has created and sold over 350 large-scale abstract paintings all over the world.   

She loves adventure travel and describes herself as highly experiential, having tried everything from flying a plane to whitewater rafting.   She also enjoys reading, hiking, and learning new musical instruments—most recently, the ukelele.

The Informal (and Therefore More Informative), 1st-Person Version

        Who am I, really?  I’m Melynda Beth Andrews, and I’m going to tell you who I am—in three paragraphs, as I am much too complex to describe in one.  😉

           I strive to be many things—a Jill-of-all-trades, that which the appreciative call a “Renaissance woman.” I fancy that a well-rounded individual is as interesting at stuffy cocktail parties as in the boudoir.  Is safer in the unexplored wilds or on the well-trodden path.  Is never bored alone or in the company of others.  Is, by definition, clever and flexible, useful and bold. I want to be all of those.

         I’m here on the planet to 1), have as good a time as I can without causing harm to others and 2), to make the world a better place than when I came into it.  I fulfill these purposes through writing, art, mothering, and a natural impulse to analyze and improve Absolutely Everything (I’m a Meyers-Briggs INTP, if that means anything to you).  I stay busy, love to learn, thrive on challenge, and I’m extremely experiential.

          One day, while rafting in a group of six boats, one of our guides announced that we were about to enter a rapid just gentle enough to allow us to slip into the water and take the rapids sans raft.  Two seconds and I was out of that boat, the only one of thirty people who took him up on the suggestion.  I think that’s a good metaphor for my life.  I’m going to live until I die.