Relaunch Post 4

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since I pushed the red button on my re-launch.  It’s been 11 days since I blogged about it.

During the past 11 days, I…

  • released the Regency Matchmaker I-IV Box Set
  • asked my Facebook friends to go  “report a lower price” on THE BLUE DEVIL
  • after a wait of 7 days with no price match, I wrote to Amazon’s KDP people to ask for a price match
  • worked on getting ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS, the first of three 2017 Christmas novellas ready for publication next week.
  • called the Author Central people at Amazon to take care of some housekeeping on my product pages (2 books that needed to be linked together, an erroneous cover, etc.)
  • updated the product information (Editorial Reviews, Back Cover, etc.) on THE BLUE DEVIL
  • began writing my first issue of THE FURTHER ADVENTURES, which will come out a day or two after I publish ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS
  • created a cover for ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS
  • tweaked this website a bit, to reflect best practices I’d learned from reading an article on conversion, making my main offer more prominent and optimizing a few images and such-like for SEO


So, what have the results been this week?  How have sales/giveaways done?  Very well, I think.

  •  Sales for the month of September have more than tripled over August’s sales, from $20 to $63.
  • THE BLUE DEVIL has seen a total of 4,283 free downloads.
  • 31 people have added themselves to my mailing list
  • THE BLUE DEVIL is back on the Amazon Bestseller’s list for the first time in several years. Right now, in the UK, it’s sitting at #15 on the Kindle Store>Books>Romance>Historical Romance>Regency list. It’s number #432 amongst the free books in the entire Kindle store, and it’s #391 on the Kindle Store>Books>Literature & Fiction list. In Canada, it’s at #35 on the Kindle Store>Kindle Ebooks>Romance>Historical>Regency list. It’s #1,485 amongst the free books in the Kindle store.

Don’t be too impressed about that last bullet point. Keep in mind that Amazon UK and Amazon Canada are small markets, and just a few sales can make a huge difference.  THE BLUE DEVIL is nowhere near that level on Amazon US’s lists.

But things are just getting started.

Here’s the graph on the free downloads:

Graph showing Free Downloads of THE BLUE by Date

As you can see, downloads have slowed by half from their initial peak. However, it’s worth noting that Amazon still hasn’t price-matched THE BLUE DEVIL in the US. When that happens, I expect to see many times the number of downloads I’ve already seen from the other venues in which the THE BLUE DEVIL is currently offered free.

It’s certain that only a small percentage of the people who have downloaded THE BLUE DEVIL for free have yet seen my offer of a free download of the second book in the series, MISS GRANTHAM’S ONE TRUE SIN.  I placed the offer in THE BLUE DEVIL twice, in the fore-matter and then immediately at the end of the book.  But since Amazon’s Kindle reader doesn’t automatically show the fore-matter, a large majority of readers won’t see my offer unless they finish reading the book.  Many readers grab free books when they see them and let them sit for weeks, months, or even years before reading them, if they ever do read them at all.  So I expect sign-ups to trickle in as readers finish the book.

Signups increased immediately when I moved my offer to a more prominent position on THE BLUE DEVIL’s product page.  It’s now visible on the main page without the reader clicking on “See more” under the product description, and I expect a flurry of sign-ups as soon as THE BLUE DEVIL goes free in the US.

As I noted before, in 14 years of having a website, I managed to entice a whopping 30 people to sign up to my mailing list. I knew it was important, but I just didn’t know how to do it.  Now I do, and in one week, I’ve gathered 34 names. I now have 64 people on my mailing list.  I’m over-the-moon happy with that result, especially considering my books’ current low sales rank at Amazon. As soon as that increases, sign-ups will too, and I’m ~already~ thrilled with the results.

On a side note, Kat informed me that the face on the cover I created for ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS “looks janky.”  Guess I’ll have to do some graphical plastic surgery sometime this week!

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